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How to work out what sort of book cover you should have.

sample-book-coming-soonI’m waiting for my manuscript to come back from my workshop partner aka sister & fellow reader of the Urban Fantasy genre Nat. While this is happening it’s the perfect time to start work on the cover for my novel. But where to start?


Scan the internet, Google, and Amazon for book covers in your genre, and just other book covers you generally like. What I’m doing is pinning them all to a board on Pinterest. See my board below.

Pick your cover cliche

From what I’m hearing, having a cliche is actually a good thing when it comes to covers according to Debbie Taylor from Mslexia. Buyers of a certain genre, expect covers to be a certain way. Debbie also outlines what is in a ‘Cover brief’ that editors give to designers:

  1. A thumbnail description of the novel
  2. Style and Genre
  3. Short plot summary
  4. A sample of covers from one or more ‘similar books’ to imitate (your cover cliche)

I suggest doing your own cover brief to help you isolate exactly what you need. I will be doing this and blogging my results in the next week or so.

Decide if you want to DIY or pay someone.
Here are a few companies that do book covers:

The book designer

If you fancy yourself a bit of a designer, and you’re going to take the plunge and do it yourself, I will be blogging about my own cover design and breaking it down into easy steps so you can get an idea of what happens backstage.

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