Book cover reveal – Hunting for Witches

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After a few weeks of designing and tossing and turning over options, I’ve finished my book cover. I designed it myself using stock imagery from Shutterstock and Photoshop and will be posting a walk through later in the week on how I went about this. I can’t decide on the two but am leaning towards the full photographic version. I feel its something better for the reader to associate with, and gives them a point of reference. Not only that, but it’s got a few teasers subtly in there – spot the crow feathers, the blood and the black witchy eyes? What do you think?

What the covers will look like printed

Hunting for Witches book cover reveal

Hunting for Witches – book cover version 1 – photographic, truer to life. Click to enlarge

Hunting for Witches - Promotional cover reveal

Hunting for Witches – book cover version number 2 – James Bondy type artsy style. Click to enlarge


Below are the full back and front versions.

Hunting for Witches book cover reveal

Full book cover for Hunting for Witches minus the blurb and promotional info. Click to enlarge

Artsy Cover

Promotional version of the Hunting for Witches – full cover front to back, minus the blurb. Click to enlarge.

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  1. I love them both! Perhaps you can release in both versions and then readers can choose which they want as their own?! Great work 🙂

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