Choosing a title for your novel

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A rose by any other name would smell as sweet right? Wrong.

Choosing the right title to go with your novel will help not only with your novels branding, but also help your novel stand out from the others. At the very least, a good title will not turn people off your novel. Personally, that’s the only reason a novel will send me packing – if it’s got nothing to do with the blurb. I’ve been lucky to have my title already in mind as I wrote my novel – ‘Hunting for Witches.’ But as I draw my writing to a close and get ready for design and publishing, I realised there were a few things I needed to confirm before setting my title in stone.

Here are a few quick tips on choosing a title

From the post on the Helping Writers become Authors website.

  • Base your title on a character in the book
  • Base your title on the setting in the book
  • Use poetry in your title

I’ll add two more to the list

  • Base the title on your genre
  • Choose a title that compliments your blurb – it sparks intrigue

This is the checklist I am going through myself before setting my title in stone.

  • Do a search on Amazon or Google (with the keyword book added in) to see if anyone else has the same sort of title
  • Check to see what other authors are choosing within your genre. Don’t copy them, but like book covers – a title needs to fit well with the rest. For example: A science fiction book often uses technology, or mythology type words like ‘Aurora: Pegasus‘ by Amanda Bridgemen. You can’t imagine a book in this genre being called ‘Mary’s Delight’ or something? That would turn me off for sure.
  • Make sure your title can fit well on your cover, and it doesn’t have big, hard to say words.

If you’re really stuck

  • Choose your top three and hold a poll on your website – this is great pre release book marketing. Get your fans involved – they are your best focus group.

Tell me, what are your tips for picking a good name for your novel?

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