How to be an organised Writer

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First off, I should point out that I don’t know. If you’ve seen my picture, you will have noticed that I’m a train wreck when it comes to organisation, but never fear…

I have a plan!

I’m a bit of a ‘pantser’ when it comes to writing – that means writing by the seat of my pants. I started an outline, then wrote half a book, scratched it – started again, outlined a little, wrote, scratched it and finally by the 3rd draft, I knew my story well enough to continue to the end. My method has suited me fine up until now,  when I realise that I’ll need a better system if I want to write a series.

My plan:

  1. Copy everything across to one notebook – glue, stick, draw
  2. Create a reference page for important characters
  3. Use my Ultimate Novel Planning Kit to it’s full purpose – pages include ‘lines from my favourite authors’, ‘research pages’, ‘scene lists’, and ‘timelines’

Kami Garci gives this great video on how to create your own ‘series bible’ and while mine is probably going to look a little more artsy – because that’s how I role – it’s going to follow a lot of tips she gives. Watch the video below.

Being a Graphic Designer and someone who loves stationary, I’ve designed some novel planning worksheets and printables you can buy at my Etsy store here.

I’d love to hear about any techniques other ‘pantsers’ have in keeping their crazy right brained minds organised. What works for you?

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