The five cardinal sins of a blog post

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Internet readers are a fickle lot, and can make an impression within 3 seconds of landing on your page. So what are the things that steer people towards a bad first impression?

  1. Thou shall use not enough white space.  Readers need white space surrounding their words, it gives the brain a break, and a small pause between processing information. If there is too much going on in your page, your reader is more likely to feel flustered, and skip over all the important bits. TIP: Use bullets, lists, quotes and paragraphs to break up text.
  2. Thou shall use too much content. Seriously, with the next great page a click or tap away, can your really afford to have your brain hemorrhage on the screen? TIP: Cut the boring stuff right back. Be precise, your readers will thank you for it.
  3. Thou does not use any imagery. With Pinterest being one of the best referral platforms around for your site, you need to have the right kind of images on your post. TIP: Use a free stock photo site and add your relevant blog post title to it. It needs to be self explanatory, and intriguing if its separated from your site.
  4. Thou uses too much imagery. Nobody needs to see the same image over and over from a different angle. Your readers aren’t dumb, and you are wasting precious space. TIP: Insert a gallery of thumbnails that viewers can enlarge if you have a large selection of photos you want displayed.
  5. Thou is using big words and jargon. It’s not Dawson’s Creek. Write like you would speak in a normal conversation. Ask questions and use words like you and me, it helps the reader feel like you are a real person, and not some robot on the other side. TIP: Don’t be afraid to add some personality.
In writing, you must kill all your darlings.William Faulkners

Do you have certain blog posts that work better than others? Ask your friends to let you know at what point they got bored and wanted to leave your site, a bit of feedback never hurt anyone.

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