Worksheets for #NaNoWriMo

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Perfect for NanoWriMo! I’ve already started planning and these are definitely very helpful!Ashlyn Butler
The Ultimate Novel Writing Kit was created to help prepare the writer before starting a new novel. If you are stuck for ideas, or need a bit of structure for your NaNoWriMo project, then look no further. It’s very popular and I’ve had great reviews.


Other research notes

Other research notes

Ultimate Novel Planning Kit

plotting worksheets and diary printables

Includes 20 Printable A4 PDF and Jpg files

✔ Cover page in case you want to assemble and bind as a workbook
✔ Character Profile Worksheet – with prompts
✔ Character Profile Worksheet – blank
✔ Grid paper for a floor plan of your character’s house
✔ Grid paper for a map plan of your character’s world
✔ Character list summary – for easy reference of where and who each character is
✔ Setting Worksheet
✔ ‘Just keep writing’ – Editing notes for later
✔ Plot timeline tracker/summary
✔ Research notes
✔ Story/Plot brainstorm worksheet – with prompts
✔ ‘Best lines from your best authors’ note page
✔ 2x A4 Month to a spread word count planner & To do list (fill in your own dates)
✔ Scene worksheet
✔ Chapter timeline tracker
✔ Blank note page

For your Writers inspiration board
✔ 6 stage plot structure guide
✔ Words that describe someone’s voice poster
✔ Words to use instead of ‘look’ poster
✔ ‘Just write it’ pretty poster



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