NaNoWriMo Write Night recap – did you go?

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Last night I attended a wonderful event put on by the local librarians, writers, publishers and editors from the Southern Region team at NaNoWriMo. I almost didn’t make it due to a currently failing attempt at my Nano word count ( an abysmal 23k), and after a recent illness, death in the family and holiday, I feared it was just all over for me. But after I received the reminder to attend the event, I knew that I couldn’t leave the organisers in the lurch – they’d volunteered so much of their time to make the night the best they could.

I wrangled the kids together and after hubby returned home, I ventured out through the dark and stormy night to the annual Write Night for NaNoWrimo.

The community hall had been set up wonderfully and after settling myself at a table, I discovered my companion was a like minded soul who wrote the same genre as me, worked in the same industry and had many other common grounds.

The panel was made up of four local experts:

Andrew – a small boutique publisher speaking about the importance of marketing after you have published your book

Sioban Timmer – a new childrens book writer recently launched first book (a fantastic Australian take on classic fairy tales), speaking about her positive outcomes for joining a local writing group

Rebecca Laffar-Smith – the local municipal liaison for NaNoWrimo and editor – speaking about everything in general and how to remain positive.

Lee Battersby– a published author speaking from the point of view from traditional publishing.

The Expert Panel
New friends, fellow writer Louisa Loder

So not only did we have time to write, I met new friends, learnt about what happens next, won some prizes, had a laugh and most importantly – I got out of the house. It’s a hard step for the classically introvert, but I think it’s important to get yourself out and to meet new people.

And while NaNoWriMo is winding to a close, there are always local events organised by the library and council around writing. Get out there, join a group or an association. 

Did you go to the write night? Connect with me on Twitter, or Facebook. I’d love to hear your version of the night.


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  1. Was so thrilled to learn today that you met Louisa at Write Night! That’s so awesome and exactly why I love being part of these sorts of events. I’m so glad you had a great night and especially thankful that you decided to come along despite having lost heart about your word count. We’re hoping to be bigger and better than ever in 2015. 🙂

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