Book Art – The Witch

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This is one of the Villain’s from my novel ‘Hunting for Witches’.

A little bit about Witches
Witches are evil body snatching spirits. They were human once. They loved life, or something in their life so much they couldn’t let go. Not even after death. But they did die, and that journey to the other side has opened a door to the secrets of our human makeup. Now they can do anything consciously that we do subconsciously. Now, they can use our body better than us.  They’ve been among us hidden for centuries, infecting the female population and taking over their bodies, trying obsessively to get back what they lost in life. No matter how hard they try, they can’t feed the physical body the way a soul can and they burn through the host leaving a diseased riddled body behind.

Petra is an ancient witch with stars in her eyes. She believes she can find a sister who will love her forever and will crush anything in her way to get it. When she stumbles across Roo, a human with secret witch-like abilities, she believes she’s found a match made in heaven. If Roo won’t be her sister, then she will just have to make her.

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