Book Review – The Flight of Torque by Rebecca Laffar-Smith

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Book Review – The Flight of Torque

Book Title: The Flight of Torque (Blood of the Nagaran Book One)

Author: Rebecca Laffar-Smith

Date: 16th December 2014

Genre: Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Rebecca Laffar-Smith

Pages: 347

Rating: 3 out of 5


Plot in a nutshell

A young journalist – Tori finds herself embroiled in the dark undertakings of an underground cult of snake lovers. They use her in a ritual to turn her into a half snake ‘Nagaran’. Because of that, she spends the rest of the novel trying to get out of the underground prison and battles to uncover the truth about her mysterious family. Told from two different perspectives, hers and her guardian angel’s – Lucas.

My thoughts

After an initial freak out over the snake theme, I found myself twirling my hair in the prologue, meaning I was intrigued. She had me thinking about her unique world made up of half snake demon things and guardian angels. Although there were moments I hesitated at the validity of a world where feathered guardian angels had gone unnoticed for centuries, there were many curious world building elements to keep me going. The book was fast paced and full of action however I did find myself wanting to know more about each character other than what the action was throwing at them and the switch in point of view was a little disorientating. It’s definitely a paranormal romance, with the relationship between the hero and heroine heating up by the end of the novel. I’m sitting on the fence whether I will stick around to read the next instalment. Not because she didn’t write well, she did, it’s just that on a personal note, I like more humour in my book – this was a little serious for me.

Book Cover

Very professional looking, nice colours and composition for the Fantasy genre. I like how the scene on the front is reminiscent of a scene in the book. A few angel feathers floating down to the altar a symbol of the Guardian Angels fall from grace. It draws the reader in, which is what you want from a book cover. Perhaps I wouldn’t have made the typography embossed and textured to make it stand out more crisply from the bricky background.

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