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Because I’m a DIY kind a gal, I’d like to encourage the sharing of internet real estate with all other DIY Writer’s, Readers and Artists out there. I don’t care what your age is, what your skill level is – if you have something original to say, I’d like to hear it. 

If you want to post on this site, you need to submit your post to me for approval first. I will be approving based on the below points:

  • You must have a website to link back to
  • You must have written the work yourself – you may link to other sites in reference, but the general gist of your post is your own original writing.
  • I can supply an image if you can’t supply one – but I reserve the right to fit your supplied image into my brand guidelines.
  • You need to supply your name, and contact details
  • Needs to be under 500 words

Other than that – you choose a topic based on Writing, Publishing, Reading or Art. Have a look over my previous blog posts if you need help thinking of something else to write about.

Please be in mind that this is a request to post – not a guaranteed spot. As this website represents my personal brand, I reserve the right to decline or accept based on my own opinions. I really am a nice person though so if I find your content is not within my brand guidelines, I will let you know why.

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