Writer’s Block – It’s real. Here’s how I fixed mine.

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Up until recently I thought Writer’s block was some fable that happened to less creatively inspired writers. I had my story flow for the whole first novel and beginning of the second. I thought how hard can it be? You know your story, otherwise you wouldn’t be writing it. Right?

Then along came NaNoWriMo and God forbid, I discovered the blank-eyed monster is real. 

I knew my story, I knew how I wanted it to end. I knew my middle. I just couldn’t get from A to B. Every word on the page seemed just wrong. The pressure to create something amazing so quickly became too much for my poor little brain to handle. So, devastatingly disappointed I closed the laptop and gave it a rest.

This is how I got my mojo back. 

When you stop looking for it, you will find it.Someone famous

I left the story alone for about two weeks. In those two weeks I:

  1. Filled in all my character sheets – even the new ones that I’d just invented.
  2. Did some artwork.
  3. Listened to music.
  4. Read a book
  5. Did the usual household stuff, life with family and friends.

Once I had given my brain a good rest from the story – but kept stimulating it creatively, I reopened my laptop and read back over what I had written from the start and then I closed the laptop and went about my life for another day or two.

Here’s what I noticed happening. 

During menial tasks, my brain automatically resolved my problems. While driving I thought of new scenarios, while i did the dishes I solved problems, while I showered I came to conclusions. Haven’t you ever heard of that old chestnut saying – When you stop looking for it you will find it? That’s certainly the case here.

Do you have a process for getting rid of writers block?

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