How to unlock your mind with a reading challenge #amreading

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Click to download the pdf for your reading challenge and check off the books as you read them

Click the image to download the pdf for your reading challenge and check off the books as you read them.

What is a reading challenge?

A reading challenge is when you set yourself specific reading goals to be completed within a certain timeframe. The idea is that you expand your horizon, read things you wouldn’t normally and to just have fun.

How can it help you?

  • Brain health: Get your brain neurones firing and working quicker to help you think faster, for longer in life. 32% slower mental decline than the average person in fact.
  • Broaden your horizon’s: You will definitely have more to say around the campfire, especially if you read some literary fiction. Something I find as a genre reader difficult but once I’m there, very rewarding.
  • Sleep better: More sleep = more energy. It’s a fact.  Reading from a real paper book, without screens can relax your mind and get it ready for a more restful sleep.
  • Make you smarter: If you read broadly across genres, you can improve your imagination (fantasy/sci-fi), problem solving (mystery), empathy (romance), society smarts (literary fiction), the list goes on.

My personal reading challenge

I’ve pledged to read one hundred books this year. Not such a hard feat when a lot of my books are in series. So, it’s the other 50 I’m concerned about, I figure, read half of what I love, half to expand my horizons. Because Pop Sugar have come up with a pretty decent 50 book challenge, I’ve used some ideas from there, plus my own. Download the pdf by clicking on the image.

Other reading challenges and tools from around the interwebs

Goodreads – set your own goal and books.

Popsugar reading challenge – 50 books

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