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Marked (Servants of Fate, #1)Marked by Sarah Fine
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Plot in a Nutshell

A guy and a gal work as ambos in a post environmental disaster world with canal pirates. Cacy is a Ferry, and secretly delivers souls to hell or heaven. Her love interest ends up caught in her family’s politics with the soul marking ‘Kers’ – who are more like reapers. Between the love story, there’s the effort the two make to uncover the assassination of Cacy’s father and leader of the Ferrys.

My thoughts

Well, I certainly dove head first into this book because it had all the elements I love in an Urban Fantasy: a world finding its feet post-apocalyptic disaster, interesting sci-fi technology melded with the fantastical and real world, a love story, and mythology. But unfortunately, after about half way through, I got a bit fed up with all the graphic sexy time, and the world building consistency was a little off; for example, the town only had running water for 2 hours a day, but they seemed to have all the alcohol they needed at the local bar … hmm. And I felt that I needed more backstory on why the world ended up the way it did. So I guess, the love story wasn’t enough for me to carry the plot through after the original world building visuals wore off.

But hey, she had me at canal pirates and amphibian buses, so it was certainly an easy and entertaining read.

Book cover
The book cover is actually what enticed me to read the novel before reading the blurb. Fantastic mix of imagery and typography, and very relevant to the story.

I’d add an extra half point just for the book cover, but Goodreads won’t let me.

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