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Well, hello there!

I’m here today to share some exciting news. It’s a massive month for me. I’ll be launching my long awaited debut novel – ‘Hunting for Witches’. I’ve also decided to focus my freelance skills on helping other writers get their work out there and self-publish painlessly so they can get on with what they love doing most – writing! My friend, Louisa Loder (who I met at a NaNoWriMo event btw) and I have joined forces to start the business – Creative Cartel Publishing.

So what can Creative Cartel Publishing do for you as a writer?Creative Cartel Publishing logo

  • Help you get your brand online via website and blog design
  • Author branding – business cards, logos, social media
  • Great book cover design at an affordable price
  • Graphic design packages
  • Publishing packages – getting your book from manuscript to print or ebook
  • Illustration
  • Guided help to manage the process yourself

About My New Fiction BookFinal Book Cover - Arty Special Edition

Well, if you like Urban Fantasy and a different take on Witches, you should like my book. I’ve designed two covers and can’t decide between them  so may end up doing one for Amazon, the other for Ingram. Here is the blurb:

Witches have been obliterated – or so the world hopes. At 24, Roo struggles to keep her DNA-changing abilities secret. She doesn’t feel like a witch, but if she isn’t, how can she manipulate the physical world? Why does she feel the energy of all living things?
On tenuous ground, Roo keeps her skills hidden with the help of her sexy songstress BFF and her barmaid job at The Cauldron. Hiding in plain sight seems to be working until a mysterious witch hunter comes to town. Roo’s powers are growing and, when a witch possesses the body of her sister, she defends her using any means possible.
Roo is exposed.
She is attacked from all sides. She must learn to trust others while she discovers her identity and masters her powers to save the lives of her loved ones. She needs to convince herself and her town that she’s more than a witch.Final Book Cover - Genre specific version


What if life was a secret game for the gods? What if they downloaded their souls into human bodies to further their evolution. What if something else, far more sinister evolved instead?


The New Ultimate Novel Planning Workbook

My popular Etsy printables set is now in print version at Amazon. Because I know how handy having these worksheets available to reprint at home, I’m offering all buyers on Amazon the chance to receive the digital files for free. You just need to email me a copy of your receipt (details inside the printed book) and then I will forward the files, so you can print over and over and over again.

Purchase just the PDF printables on Etsy here.

Purchase the print book on Amazon here.

My new outlook on life

Well, as you can probably tell – I’m now considering myself a writer. Don’t get me wrong, I still love designing and creating art but without a doubt, the funnest thing to do is crafting stories out of nothing. Looking back, there’s been so much to learn and I hope to do a post about it all. It’s hard to think of yourself as a writer/author when you haven’t actually published anything, but my advice to newbies is to keep going! You owe it to yourself to finish and, when you do, you will be very proud of your accomplishments. Keep up the good work! So I’m very excited to start this new chapter (excuse the pun) in my life, and can’t wait to share more with you all.

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