Writing Snippet – Sneak Preview from Ludus Book 1.5

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I’ve been busily writing away the next book in the Ludus series, and just had to share a snippet that features Marc – The Gamekeeper. This novella will be told from the Point of View of Cash, and for the other half of the book – Marc.

About Marc …

THE GAMEKEEPER. He’s got a cockney English accent and likes honey cakes, tea, travelling starkers and really fit chicks. It’s not surprising he has a tremendous – ahem – ego, because he’s also been known as: Hermes, Mercury, The Holy Spirit, Thoth, and many other gods – depending on which culture is telling the story.Marc is the God-of-the-in-between. He is the only god who can travel through the dimensions, (a side effect of which unfortunately leaves him nude), and uses this skill to transport souls and messages back and forth from the Queen’s Empire (Orion Constellation) to Earth for the purpose of the Game. As the Gamekeeper, it is his duty to enforce the Game’s rules and evict misbehaving Players. Among some unknown abilities, he can communicate via dreams, read auras, use illusion to clothe himself, manipulate fire and has a paranormally sized ego.

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Visit the Ludus


Marc inhaled the dank underground air from the British Ludus, his preferred stomping ground, and sighed. It had been too long since he’d walked its halls and he was dying to visit the trainee’s quarters to see which lovelies had come of age since he’d last been there. But first, the office.

As he walked down the corridor leading up to the Ludus’ central administration room, he used the particles in the air around him to materialise clothing over his naked body. The nakedness was an unfortunate side effect of travelling through the dimensions. Today his jeans were painted on, and his pin-striped shirt hugged his torso right up to his collar that stood on end. He gave his blonde, tousled hair a quick groom as he caught his reflection in one of the many enormous fake windows and winked. Just in time, too. He flashed his teeth and grinned at the beautiful brunette who bounced down the hallway with a clipboard in her hand. Her hair swayed from side to side in her ponytail, and her white mini dress showed the curves of her body tremendously well. She blushed and batted her lashes at him. Ooh, thought Marc. She’s up for it.

‘Ello, luv. I don’t believe we’ve met, I’d remember that beautiful face,’ Marc said.

She leaned forward and pouted, coming right up close to his face, he closed his eyes ready for—

Pain sliced his right cheek and his eyes shot open. Ow. She’d slapped him!

‘What was that for?’ Marc asked and rubbed his cheek.

She cocked an eyebrow. ‘Don’t think we’ve met? You’d remember my face, ay?’ She put her hands on her hip and tapped her foot. ‘You bloody bastard.’

Marc’s eyes widened and he desperately tried to remember her name, but nothing came to mind. It had been so long since he visited the London Ludus, and there’d been so many women. He tried again with another winning smile. ‘C’mon, luv. Don’t be like that. You’ve done something to your hair, yeah? It looks much more … womanly. And you’ve lost weight, yeah?’

‘Well, I have …’ She dropped the clipboard to her thigh and then she caught herself and frowned at him. ‘Anyone would think you’re a Player, not the Gamekeeper.’

Marc snorted. He wished.

She spun on her white heels and sashayed away.

Marc followed. It was a nice view.

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