K is for Kick-Ass Attitude – Self-publishing from A to Z

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Some people call it a thick skin, I call it having a kick-ass attitude. 

Over the last two years since I started my writing journey, I’ve gone through many ups and downs. There are moments when you have nothing to show for your efforts except a file hidden away on your laptop, and there are moments where everything you’ve worked for is finally out there, but it’s not the fast lane you expected. Here are a few tips and tid-bits I’ve learnt:

Self-publishing isn’t for the weak. It’s not for those people who give up easily. It’s for those who engrave in their brain the words:

‘I’m going to do this no matter what.’

Sure, you will have days in which you just want to crawl under a rock because that review just wasn’t what you were expecting. You will have moments when the house is a pig-sty, the kids are painting on your fences, the dinner is burning. But hey … you kick ass!

Take one step at a time.

You have to manage your own marketing, your own finances, your own production, your own research and development, and your own actual product development. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Outsource what you can’t do, learn the rest.

Be humble, keep learning.

You are as good a writer as anyone out there, and if you aren’t – strive to be.  Ask for help. Get out of your hovel, and meet like minded people. You’d be surprised at how many writers there are out there doing the same thing. You can do this.

Don’t quit your day job.

Even published authors don’t make a bucket load. If you can, set up a stream of non-fiction passive income. I sell printables on Etsy – they helped to finance my last stream of professional editing.

You will probably fail lots and lots and lots. The first ever talk I went to from an award winning author stated:

Be prepared for failure. But keep working.

It will happen eventually. It’s not a matter of if – it’s when.

Hey writers – You kick ass!


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