Shout Out Sunday – D.B.Wimmer – Freelance Editor

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This is a shout out to Douglas B Wimmer. A freelance editor from the US of A with an amazing attention to detail and an endless supply of friendly advice. He’s edited, and reviewed both of my books, and every time he’s come back with suggestions and typos that at least four other readers have missed. I can safely say you won’t be disappointed in using his services. He offers many levels of editing from beta reading, copy editing and line editing and most of all … drum roll please … he’s very affordable. So, if you’re starting out, give him a crack. You can find him here:

He’s also in the middle of writing a book – Sakura Softworks is a fast-paced, action-packed journey across the Land of the Rising Sun that will make you laugh, quicken your pulse, and maybe even make you go “ew” a time or two.

Sound awesome? Check him out to follow him for updates.


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