Q is for Quick – Self-publishing from A to Z

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Can’t quite write enough words?

Over the last year I’ve discovered many tidbits of advice that seem to work differently for traditionally published authors versus self-published authors. In fact, it’s probably more to do with what works for you as an individual, and not how you publish. But, one common theme among successful self-published writers is that they publish frequently. Some up to one book a month! Wowzers. I’m nowhere near that, but it’s certainly a long way off my old preconceived notion that authors only publish once per year. It’s also a bit exciting, to know that it’s possible to write more often. I have about a gazillion stories floating around in my head, and it feels devastating to think I’ll never get around to writing some of them.

Try these seven tips.

So, writing quick will mean that there are more books for readers to find, more streams of revenue and more ideas getting put onto paper. Here are some tips I’ve found that work for me:

  1. Think about what to write the night before. Even if you’ve plotted your story, giving yourself a quick run through in your mind prior to writing will help work out some kinks. So by the time you get to the computer, you are ready to let the words flow.
  2. Try a mini plot. Even pantsers get value out of a small frame-work. I’ve enjoyed plotting in bullet points on a word doc. This book by Rachel Aaron is awesome and it’s only 99c.
  3. Challenge yourself to a word war. I sometimes skype another writer friend and together, we talk about our plot, then race each other to write the next scenes. If you are doing NaNoWriMo this year, join our facebook group where we have weekly challenges starting from now.
  4. Book your writing time in, and defend that time. Even if you have to say no to social outings or giving up that favourite tv program. It’s hard to stick to your guns, especially when some people may see your writing as a ‘hobby’ and not that important. Only you can make this choice, and only you will be accountable for not making the target.
  5. If you get writers block, jump to another project that you are inspired to write. You can even jump ahead in the story.
  6. If you haven’t already, do NaNoWriMo. It teaches you to get past that inner editor and just write. There’s one starting in just a few weeks.
  7. Give yourself a deadline and make it public. I’ve published the schedule to my Robin Lockslay serial, and while towards the end, I found it difficult to keep, I wasn’t far off the publication date. This is a lot better than what I would’ve done if I had no deadlines.

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Do you have any tips for writing faster? What’s worked for you? Please comment below.

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