Romance Writers of Australia and Me

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LowRes_RGB_jpgI joined the RWA less than a year ago because as a new writer I needed to find like-minded souls. I’m not a huge romance writer so was a little uncertain considering the standard stereotypes of what constitutes a romance novel. Surprise, surprise, I found that the genre of romance encapsulates a broad range of styles of writing. Yes, you have your Fifty Shades of Grey style, but more commonly, romance writing focuses on the relationship building and can be short and sweet, long and hot, suspenseful with a little dash … the examples could go on and on. I like to infuse my action stories with comedy and romance, so it’s not the major draw card of my story, but a small element.  As I become a better writer, I want to eventually grow the romantic influence in some stories.

What I’ve found by joining this group is the most welcoming individuals I’ve encountered in writing so far. I’m self-published, as you know, and enjoying it. At first I wasn’t too sure if there would be a place for me, but sure enough, the RWA helps everyone. From aspiring novelists, to experienced and traditionally published.

I liked the organisation so much that I put up my hand to volunteer as the next Webmistress and was accepted. (And, no, webmistress is not Spiderman’s lover, it’s the person who looks after the website) So, there you have it. I’m the RWA Webmistress and loving it. YEY!

Becoming a member of the RWA costs less than $100 a year and there are many benefits for the writer. Namely the yearly conference, contests, mentorships, critique partners, Hearts Talk newsletter, Facebook closed group, online workshops and more. If you want to see more about this group, visit the website here.

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