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So, you may not know this but even published authors need to manage their own book marketing. That’s right, you heard me. Unless you’re Stephen King or the next Pulitzer prize winner, you will have to manage your own book marketing. So why not learn what you can anyway?

How are you going to make your book stand out?

Strategy is like spear fishing with your eyes open. Trying to self-publish without strategy is like trying to spear a fish with your eyes closed. That’s a total random metaphor but I hope you get the drift; you need to see your goal in order to obtain it. And I’m not talking about goals like ‘make a million bucks’ or ‘get my book to the top of the bestseller list’. These are too general. The pond is too big. You need to break down those massive goals into smaller ones, make them specific, make them attainable.

There are a two different strategies I think revolve around self-publishing: The strategy before you hit the publish button, and the one after.

Before you publish

You need to look at things like:

  • Efficiency of writing – How fast and well can you write quality work?
  • Appeal of writing – Are you writing something people want to read?
  • The product design – Are you producing a quality product that catches people’s eyes?

After you publish

Then you have the things to look at after you have your product, so how are you going to sell more books?

  • Place – Where are you going to sell them?
  • Price – How much are you going to charge for them?
  • People – Who are you going to sell them to? Who is your ideal customer?
  • Promotion – How are you going to get the book in front of your ideal customer?

10 Quick and dirty promotional tips

  1. Write in a niche genre you know has a voracious readership
  2. Write a series
  3. Release your series in short succession, e.g. one month after each other.
  4. Put your first book in the series permanently free.
  5. Advertise on Facebook to your direct customer
  6. Use your email list
  7. Offer something for free at the end of the book to entice them to read more
  8. Do blog tours with competitions to get readers onto your list.
  9. Put your book on review sites
  10. Contact bloggers in your genre, offer them your book for free in return for an honest review.
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