15 Awesome books to help make you a better writer

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Hello writers! I’m trying something new today. I’m on the train and doing a bit of multitasking because you may have noticed I’ve been a little slack lately on the bloggesphere. I’m back at work full time, looking after 2 little kids with a FIFO husband and writing, or working with RWA with my spare time. So, I figure, there’s got to be some benefits I can share from me working in a bookstore. Yes!

Here are 15 great books I think are totally tops for writers.

  1. A is for Arsenic – this is a fab little compendium that shows all the poisons Agatha Christie uses in her writing. Great research and reference tool from one of the greats! 
  2.  Forensics – The Anatomy of Crime.

    Uhhh . The inside of this book has pics of little flies crawling as it goes through the history of forensics. Written by a crime writer. Awesome. 

  3.  Keep it simple stupid. Use plain words and if you don’t know how, get this book.
  4. The Snark handbook – A reference guide to verbal sparring.

    Need to inject a bit more witty banter into your stories? This has heaps of examples.

  5.  Save the Cat!

    Tried and tested – for screen writers but applies to novel writing too.

  6. Fiction Writing Master Class.

    Learn from the masters. Great gift for the writer in your life.

  7. The Writer’s Idea Thesaurus.

    I had this recommended to me from a fellow customer. It’s next on my shopping list.

  8. The Writer’s Guide to Weapons.

    No more googling weapon sites and wondering if some black ops team are going to bang down your door because if they see your browser history they’ll think you’re a terrorist. 

  9. Writing Tools.

    I love flicking through this book and finding gems. The tools are tips on writing better. It’s fast becoming invaluable to me.

  10.  Charles Bukowski.

    Nuff said.

  11.  Into the Woods.

    A great tool for plotting with both script writers and novelists.

  12.  What’s a writing book list without a little romance? This book is a great starting point for any budding romance novelist.
  13. Every writer needs one of these, and if your Australian, like me, you need an Australian Thesaurus because we have everything down under here, including spelling.
  14.  How to write comedy.

    A good book if you want to inject some funnies into your writing and you don’t know where to start.

  15.  Word painting helps you understand why certain words together sound more interesting than others.

All of these books were sourced from Boffins Books in Perth. They have an online store so go for your life.

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