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What on earth is a self-publisher’s ultimate wingman?


Now, this may sound a little silly to some of you, but to others, it’s like a lightning bolt to the brain. Basically, what I’m saying here is, if you don’t know something, Google it. I’m serious. You would not believe how many times I hear from newbies, Luddites, the technologically challenged, the digital immigrants (or whatever word you want to use) that they don’t know where to start. They could spend hours, absolutely hours, asking me what to do about this or that in self-publishing, and do you know what? I learned it all by typing the keywords into Google myself. I spent hours reading the blogs, listening to audio, watching tutorials on YouTube. I learned it myself. Nobody else handed it to me. I went looking. And you can too.

So, when in doubt: Google it.

  • When you think it’s all too much … Google it.
  • When you want to learn how to write a book … Google it.
  • When you want to know which companies will print your book on demand … Google it.
  • When you want to find out how to create your own digital manuscript and what kind of file is compatible … Google it.
  • When you want to find out how to bring more visitors to your website … Google it.
  • When you can’t find a graphic designer in your neighbourhood … Google it.
  • When you want to know how to get your book into a book store … Google it.

Are you getting a picture here? Nine times out of ten, you’ll find the answers for free on Google. It just takes a little thing called initiative. Don’t wait for someone else to show you how to do it, find out yourself.

Please don’t get me confused with commenting on blog posts such as this as being lazy. Certainly not, because do you know why? You Googled your way to get to this blog post. You’re at least half way to finding out your answer by yourself. You’re doing swell! Go one step further and sign up to my newsletter so you can get knowledge directly in your inbox for FREE. You don’t even have to go looking for information. It will find you! Hows that for efficient?

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