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I know, I know. Xerox? It’s a bit of a stretch, but when it comes to thinking of something to do with Self-Publishing that starts with X I had no other ideas. In Australia we don’t really use the term Xerox very much, but i’m going to use it here to symbolise the action of copying. So, the moral of this post is …


Make copies of your working manuscripts. Make copies of your design files. Make copies of your website. You name it – copy it.

I can’t stress how important it is to back up your files. If you have no money, and you’re on a budget, one way of doing this is to open a free Google Drive account, or Dropbox and update your working files on there. Your work will be saved in the cloud, which means that no matter where you are, you can access them. And on the flip side, no matter what device you are on, if it breaks, and you’ve saved your files to the cloud, then they won’t get lost.

You could also buy a small flash drive and copy your latest versions to it nightly.

You could also email them to yourself.

You could even print out your latest version of your manuscript and save it. Sure, it’s horrible for the environment and I really stress doing something digital.

If you’re scared that someone will hack into the cloud, get a home back up system. I use the apple 2TB Time Machine back up. It links to my computer every hour over wifi and backs up while I work. It’s great.

But, I’ve heard all too much how laptops disappear, drop, break, and all your work disappears into thin air. The point is, ALWAYS BACK THAT UP.

Go forth and save your work.

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