How to Write Romance – from A to Z

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I remember when I first decided to put a romance thread in my story. I got so confused that I almost didn’t do it at all. But I knew that for a story to be satisfying to me, I needed a romance thread otherwise I didn’t enjoy them. So why should I not write them?  Then I found the RWA website and realised that there’s a whole community out there to help me. You don’t have to be a full-fledged romance writer, you can write in other genres with romantic elements. I’ve learned a lot over the last year, and am now writing a contemporary romance that I’m going to pitch to publishers and agents at the yearly conference in August. What better way to celebrate, than to do a blog feature on how to write romance, because it’s not as easy as it sounds. Here’s what I have so far:

Romance Writing Topics

  • AAttraction Stages, Alpha Male
  • BBeats, Bad Boys, Body language, Business, Bodice Rippers and other Stereotypes, The Bold and the Beautiful (Do all the characters need to be beautiful and fit?), Romance for Baby-Boomers
  • C – Character Tropes, Consistency, Conflict, Cliché’s
  • D – Definitions, Dark Horse or the Under Dog, Damaged Past, Desire, Dialogue
  • E – Erotic Romance vs Erotica, Endings, Editing
  • F – Friends, Falling in Love, Formula (is there one?)
  • G – Good Boy vs Bad Boy, Goal, The Grand Gesture, Genres
  • H – Heat Levels, Heroes, Heroine
  • I – Interracial (Diverse Relationships), Idea generation, Infodumping, Intercourse vs Sex
  • J – Judgement (What people say when they hear you’re writing romance)
  • K – Knock-offs, Kick Ass Heroine
  • L – Lying & Deception, Love Story vs Romance, Likeablity, LGBT
  • M – Motivation, Meet Cute, Marketing, Myths, Money
  • N – Novel vs Novella, Networking
  • O – Outlining vs Pantsing
  • P – Point of View (Female vs Male), Pitching, Publishers
  • Q – Quick and Dirty Tips, Quest
  • R – Rejection
  • S – Statistics, Sex appeal, Setting, Social Media, Synopsis
  • T – Tension, Tropes, Triangles, Trends
  • U – Underwire – Your Story Structure, Under the bra/Over the bra (How detailed should your sex scenes be)
  • V – Vocabulary, Villains, Viewpoint and Voice
  • W – Writing Groups, World Building, Walk ons
  • X – The X-Factor (looking at romance stories that had the x-factor)
  • Y – You – Benefits for the writer and reader
  • Z – Zombies, Werwolves and Vampires in love (Paranormal), From Zero to Hero

I need your help -> What do you think? Are there any topics listed that you’d prefer to hear about? Let me know your vote or suggestions in the comments.

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