Conference Confidence – RWA 2016

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This is my first conference and I’m a little excited and nervous at the same time.

I’m on the RWA committee so, in a sense, I’m at an advantage over other newbies. I’ll already know a few people, so I won’t be going in blind. But nevertheless, I still want to get the most that I can out of the conference.

Are you attending the conference? If you see me, please come and say Hi!

About the Conference

The Romance Writers of Australia conference is in August in Adelaide and has over 400 attendees from all over the country coming. Here is the blurb taken from the RWA website:

RWA Conference 2016
“It’s a quarter of a century of like-minded and also wildly diverse romance writers, publishers and other industry professionals meeting for business, industry and professional development, networking, socialising and sharing the joy of Romance. Highlights will include amazing Australian and International speakers and special guests, fresh industry news and advice from leading romance publishers/agents, panels and workshops, the ARRA book signing and so much more… that’s in addition to the exciting partnership with Flinders University providing our academic ‘University of Love’ conference stream.”

Want to learn more about the conference? Click here.

What’s on my schedule? I’ll be pitching to three people at the conference (two publishers and one agent), I’m taking the Michael Hauge workshop and looking forward to learning so much more about the romance genre, writing and the people who make it great!

Tips for Conferencing with Confidence

Yes, I know conferencing isn’t a word, but you get what I mean. I’m talking about how to prepare yourself for a conference so you’re confident and get the most out of it.

  1. Relax. Honestly, this is probably the biggest. There’s heaps of people out there exactly in the same boat as you (including me!)
  2. Bring notebooks and pens.
  3. Get some business cards printed. All that really matters is that you’ve got your name (or pseudonym) and phone number/email.
  4. Wear comfortable clothes. You’re going to be up and down, and walking around all day then on into the night. Comfort is important.
  5. Practise your pitch. This means your professional pitch, and your networking pitch. Work on some ice breakers you can use to introduce yourself.
  6. Fangirl moments .… if you see someone you love, go up and say you love their work. But keep it professional and don’t push your own work onto them.
  7. Backup your computer before you go … you never know if it crashes, is dropped, or a monkey steals it.
  8. Plan what sort of people you want to network with. If you’re a paranormal romance writer, look for others you can connect with.
  9. Save money by bringing snacks and food and a water bottle.

I wonder if my tips will change after I actually go to the conference. I’ll post an article about it, so watch this space.

My Personal Conference Challenge


Conference Checklist for RWAI find that if I don’t set myself goals, I’ll float through the conference in a wondrous daze and go home wishing I had done a few things.

  1. Meet another Newbie
  2. Meet an Aspiring writer
  3. Meet an Emerging writer
  4. Meet an Established writer
  5. Hand my business cards out and collect cards
  6. Take photos!
  7. Say thank you to a Volunteer
  8. Say thank you to a Presenter or Publisher
  9. Tweet awesome things on the #RWA16 hashtag
  10. Compliment someone
What About You?
Are there any goals you hope to achieve at the conference?
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