How to get your book published with only 3 chapters written

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It sounds like a dream, right? Books take forever to write and only hours to devour. The industry is fickle and hard to predict.

So, how do you know which of your stories is worth the time?

Well, now you can submit all of them, as long as you’ve written 3 chapters and a 5 page synopsis.

Carina Press, a subsidiary of Harlequin, is now accepting submissions for works in progress with only 3 chapters and a five page synopsis. If they like your style, they’ll ask for more. For people like me, who have a million story ideas and can’t possibly focus on one, this is great news.  Here is what they said on their recent call out:

Submitting to Carina Press has always—with a few exceptions—required a full manuscript and detailed synopsis. We’re pleased to announce that we’re living lighter this year and relaxing those restrictions for three upcoming proposal calls in 2017. We want to see what’s been brewing in your mind and have a taste of your fresh works in progress!

Click here to view more details. Submissions close on February 26th 2017. But if you’re coming to this blog post late, then check at the Carina Press site to see what their latest call is all about.

I recommend having a look at what all the editor’s interests are, and target your proposal specifically to them.

Good luck!

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