Why Having a Dedicated Author Website is Good for Business

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Announcing my new, shiny, author website

Visit lanapecherczyk.com

Although I love this website – AuthorZoo, it’s mainly for talking about writing with my writer pals. I needed something dedicated to readers that was straight to the point. I don’t want my readers to get overwhelmed with all the noise not relevant to their purchase.

I’m always learning, and I hope I never stop until the day I die. When I designed my dedicated author website, I did a tone of research. I looked at what other authors are doing, I spoke to many, and came up with my new site. I created it myself using self-hosted WordPress, and the X-Theme (you can get this at themeforest). And I connected my Mailchimp account for the newsletter sign up, and I used Jotform for my advance reader team sign up. Google any of these businesses and you’ll find them easily on the web.

5 Important things to have on your author site:

  • Newsletter sign up: Capture their details immediately, then you can resell to them at a later date. Offering a free book or hosting a giveaway (I’m going to use the plugin KingSumo)
  • Books you’ve written: Having the blurb, buy details, and sales copy works well. Make sure you put these in reading order if you have a series.
  • Contact details: include your social media details so people can connect with you everywhere
  • About page: Your author bio should be short, sweet and reflect the kind of writer you are. I add some personal touches so readers can see I’m a real person at the other end of the line.
  • News/Blog: You don’t have to blog massive articles, like I do here, but sharing news and directing people to your site for that news (such as a cover reveals) makes google love you and boost your natural page rankings. Check out Anna Hackett. She does it great! The idea is that on all your other platforms, you only give a teaser of the information and direct them to your site for the full article. You can see because she’s got hundreds of comments. She won’t mind you snooping, because she’s a friend.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

All the best with your own author site.


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