I’m a Creative.

That’s the word I’m using to describe myself. I basically like making stuff out of nothing. Whether its stories from words, pictures from pens, or clothes from fabric – you name it, I like making it.

In my time, I’ve studied Fashion Design, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Web Design, Marketing and Novel Writing.  I’ve worked in Sales, Marketing and Design for the last 10 years and hope to steer my career towards writing awesome books. I’ve discovered that whilst I’ve always had a silent passion for writing, it wasn’t until I decided to take the plunge and write my novel that I realised it was my ‘Thing.’ It’s what I want to do forever and ever.

I’m also a mother to two fire crackers, you can see them popping up now and again in my Instagram feed. So to all those other parents out there trying to make a red hot go of writing – Cheers to you!

I want to grow my writers and readers network, so please follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Goodreads or send me a message and we can talk.