DIY Book Cover Design Walkthrough Part 1.

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You can judge a book by its cover. If you intend to tackle the subject yourself, and don’t know where to start, read on. This walk through is for the background picture in my book cover only. I will do a typography tutorial later. In this part 1, we are going to talk about the planning and prep to get you to the designing stage. I’m sorry I simply don’t have the room to do a word for word tutorial. That’s why this is just a walk through and it will even be spread across a few parts. Here’s a tip … Read More

Book Art – The Witch

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This is one of the Villain’s from my novel ‘Hunting for Witches’. A little bit about Witches Witches are evil body snatching spirits. They were human once. They loved life, or something in their life so much they couldn’t let go. Not even after death. But they did die, and that journey to the other side has opened a door to the secrets of our human makeup. Now they can do anything consciously that we do subconsciously. Now, they can use our body better than us.  They’ve been among us hidden for centuries, infecting the female population and taking over their bodies, trying … Read More

Character sketch – Tommy

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This is one of my main characters – Tommy. He’s the youngest character by far in the book, an 18 year old Southern American boy. Smoker, photographer and in love with the main character – Roo.

Book cover reveal – Hunting for Witches

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After a few weeks of designing and tossing and turning over options, I’ve finished my book cover. I designed it myself using stock imagery from Shutterstock and Photoshop and will be posting a walk through later in the week on how I went about this. I can’t decide on the two but am leaning towards the full photographic version. I feel its something better for the reader to associate with, and gives them a point of reference. Not only that, but it’s got a few teasers subtly in there – spot the crow feathers, the blood and the black witchy … Read More

Book cover breakdown

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How to work out what sort of book cover you should have. I’m waiting for my manuscript to come back from my workshop partner aka sister & fellow reader of the Urban Fantasy genre Nat. While this is happening it’s the perfect time to start work on the cover for my novel. But where to start?