X is for Xerox

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I know, I know. Xerox? It’s a bit of a stretch, but when it comes to thinking of something to do with Self-Publishing that starts with X I had no other ideas. In Australia we don’t really use the term Xerox very much, but i’m going to use it here to symbolise the action of copying. So, the moral of this post is … ALWAYS MAKE COPIES OF YOUR WORK. Make copies of your working manuscripts. Make copies of your design files. Make copies of your website. You name it – copy it. I can’t stress how important it is … Read More

15 Awesome books to help make you a better writer

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Hello writers! I’m trying something new today. I’m on the train and doing a bit of multitasking because you may have noticed I’ve been a little slack lately on the bloggesphere. I’m back at work full time, looking after 2 little kids with a FIFO husband and writing, or working with RWA with my spare time. So, I figure, there’s got to be some benefits I can share from me working in a bookstore. Yes! Here are 15 great books I think are totally tops for writers. A is for Arsenic – this is a fab little compendium that shows … Read More

Romance Writers of Australia and Me

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I joined the RWA less than a year ago because as a new writer I needed to find like-minded souls. I’m not a huge romance writer so was a little uncertain considering the standard stereotypes of what constitutes a romance novel. Surprise, surprise, I found that the genre of romance encapsulates a broad range of styles of writing. Yes, you have your Fifty Shades of Grey style, but more commonly, romance writing focuses on the relationship building and can be short and sweet, long and hot, suspenseful with a little dash … the examples could go on and on. I … Read More