Z is for Zeal – Self-Publishing from A to Z

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zeal: n Great enthusiasm or eagerness. If you’ve been wondering if you should try the self-publishing route, and not sure if you think you can do it, then this is the post for you. To be successful, you need to have zeal. You need to be enthusiastic and you need to keep that spark alive constantly for a period of time. Nobody got to the top of the mountain by falling there. And if you’re only half-heartedly entering the prospect of self-publishing, you won’t succeed. How to tell if you’ve got the zeal for self-publishing … Is it hard to fall asleep … Read More

X is for Xerox

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I know, I know. Xerox? It’s a bit of a stretch, but when it comes to thinking of something to do with Self-Publishing that starts with X I had no other ideas. In Australia we don’t really use the term Xerox very much, but i’m going to use it here to symbolise the action of copying. So, the moral of this post is … ALWAYS MAKE COPIES OF YOUR WORK. Make copies of your working manuscripts. Make copies of your design files. Make copies of your website. You name it – copy it. I can’t stress how important it is … Read More

W is for Walkthrough – Self-Publishing from A to Z

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How I Self-Publish – A Walkthrough I half plan my story. When I say this, I mean that I don’t get carried away with the details. I fill out my favourite things in my Ultimate Novel Planning Workbook, then put it to the side for reference. Sometimes I need to start a spreadsheet, or a Scrivener file for cataloging character or setting details. But whenever I write, things change organically. So it’s no use spending too much time preparing. My first book, I wrote 60,000 words before realising the story had changed before I scrapped it all and started again. … Read More

N is for Networking

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This is one of the most important and at the same time, hardest parts of being a writer. For your professional development, and mental health, I thoroughly recommend getting yourself out there and joining a group of writers. One of the toughest lessons I’ve learned in becoming a writer is that nobody else – and I mean nobody – is as excited about your writing as you are. But other writers come a close second. If you join a group, you can get helpful advice, critical feedback, comradeship, motivation, sales and more. Here are a list of places you can … Read More

How to create the best author brand to help you stand out

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B is for Brand – Self Publishing from A to Z What is a brand? In my opinion, a brand is the lasting impression your product (or you) leave behind on a person. It’s what distinguishes you from the rest. It’s what makes you better than your competitors. On my own website, I use animal imagery merged with writing/reading glasses in black and white offset against bright colours. I want my readers to remember that blog with the animals. The Zoo, is my metaphor for how crazy it can get in publishing, but it doesn’t have to get WILD.